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Fermented Korean Kimchi Recipe Pack

Fermented Korean Kimchi Recipe Pack

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  • Pre-weighed Cultured Guru Fermentation Salt packet
  • 100% Organic Kimchi Spice Mix
    • Hand Blended in House 
  • Exclusive 6 page Kimchi Recipe Guide with recipe tips and tricks from Microbiologist, Kaitlynn Fenley 
  • Recipe is Vegan, Gluten Free and Sugar Free
  • With our kits we've done all science and calculating for you, you just mix & ferment! 
  • Just follow the recipe card: all you need to provide is a scale, a mixing bowl cabbage, and carrots!  
  • It's three easy steps:
    1. You receive this Kit Refill Pack
    2. You weigh out 300 grams of cabbage and 100 grams of water using a kitchen scale.
    3. Follow the recipe card and add the salt packet + seasonings to the cabbage+ water. Mix & pack into your jar, then let it ferment into a probiotic power food! 
  • Best used with our Fermentation Jar Set or as refill ingredients for our Kimchi Fermentation Kit. Can also be used with any jar and fermentation weight. 

The Kimchi recipe included in this recipe pack is inspired by the flavors and tradition of Korean kimchi. The kimchi you make using your kit will be filled with fantastic flavors ensuring that every bite will be as bold as the last.


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